A Food Safety Management System guarantees food is safe…
…from purchase to plate.

Earn More, Risk Less!

Heather Landex | EU’s 360° innovator in consumer food safety

If you own a food outlet, which means any food business which serves food to the consumer, customer or client, including cafes, restaurants, hotels, street food, take away, canteens, events and conference venues, community centers, education or care institutions, public institutions with food outlets
… you need to anticipate the needs of your customers. Food safety is the foundation of any food business just as food is the basic need of a human life.

Food safety, awareness and proper control of allergies and dietary preferences (such as vegan food), is the best way to future-proof your business by building a brand that inspires confidence and customer loyalty.

Other important reasons to have a robust Food Safety Management System:

The legal framework covering Food Safety is complex and food authorities have power (enforcement power similar to the police). This is what the relevant authorities can do to your business when failing to comply:

  • Close down your business
  • Fine the Food Business Operator, whether owner or manager
  • Seize goods, both food and equipment
  • Prosecute and even imprison the FBO

Running an establishment which is compliant, guaranteed safe and allergy aware gives you confidence and the freedom to pursue innovation of your concept, and immerse in your passion.

Build a community of satisfied loyal customers that recognise your unique value and grow organically through word of mouth reviews.

These are the 3 main reasons to have a robust Food Safety Management System

Food poisoning or allergy incidents can kill, permanently injure or otherwise harm people or numerous people.
Your reputation is vulnerable. Even only the accusation of food poisoning or allergy incident can destroy brand, reputation and profits.
Save time and be efficient. Complaints invite inspectors. Competent staff save food waste, chemicals, time and produce better quality food, better customer service, and endorse your brand.
Allwin Jebahar
“Heather has helped One Bowl volunteers with consistent hygiene training and food safety management. She has developed a custom online training specifically for One Bowl’s volunteer structure. She’s been friendly and sharing a great deal of expertise at the same time.”

Allwin Jebahar

Owner – One Bowl

Allwin Jebahar

Mustafa Yilmaz

Irene De Lauro

In less than a decade, vegetarians in Denmark have gone from a small minority to 12% of the population. We demonstrate how a robust Food Safety Management System can address dietary preferences and implementation of best practice into workplace cultures.

Our 360° holistic approach to food safety is designed to make you stand out against the competition, attract and retain customers and especially how to ready your establishment for the future and any regulatory evolution.

Overview of Our Values

and how we can enhance your business success


The law

Being compliant with the law is necessary but also acts like an insurance policy or guarantee should something go wrong beyond your control and at other stages in the food chain.

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Market trends show an increase in dietary preferences and the importance of niche demographics, everyone wants to be included, do not leave “money on the table”.

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Give the best first and last impressions and instill confidence in your customers through communication of your excellent food safety culture.

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Issues such as the environment, animal welfare may mean a lot to your customers.

They also value their own safety and comfort. You have a duty of care to your customers to lower the risks of injury or harm. This is know as “due diligence”.

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Be perceived as a well-managed progressive establishment and exceed customer expectations.

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Applying best practice Food Safety Management builds a bulletproof brand and loyal customer base. Your business can better adapt or react to unforeseen, emergency situations, novel disease outbreaks or scandals and new legislation.

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Keep up with general consumer trends and food systems increasing size, complexity and changing legislation e.g. labelling and allergies.

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Competition is everywhere, and it’s intense. Being efficient reduces bottom line and appealing to more customers increases profit margins.

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Our value chain


Food Safety Management System

Compliant to protect against fines or liability

Protect shelf life, food quality and prevent food waste

Increase customer satisfaction and return custom

Avoid complaints and bad press

Protect your customers from poisoning or injury


Training and food safety culture

Compliant to ensure FSMS is implemented correctly

Increase staff retention

Ensure staff are fit to work

Foster customer loyalty

Effective complaint management

Improve capacity to delegate

Build brand and reputation

Improve cleaning standards


Allergy and dietary preference management

Compliant and prepared for legislation changes

Attract new customers

Improve customer loyalty

Increase sales and competitiveness

Avoid incidents and complaints



Improve market share

Capitalise on organic growth (word of mouth referrals)

Use free targeted marketing channels

Do not lose to the competition

The biggest challenge in the hospitality industry is retention and flexibility of staff (reliance on temporary/agency staff).

A robust Food Safety Management System can reliably efficiently and effectively be used for staff training, supporting a stronger food safety culture, dramatically reducing risk of costly mistakes, improving staff productivity and cleaning standards.

Heather Landex MSc Env Health, BSc Biol Intl, MCIEH

About Heather Landex

  • BSc (Intl) Biology, MSc Environmental Health

  • Qualified UK Environmental Health Practitioner (Food safety, health and safety, pollution control, land contamination, housing standards and other public health enforcement).

  • QCF Level 4 PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector)

  • Former Accredited training provider for both the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health &

  • Highfield ABC

  • Current Member of Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (Current application for EHRB registration)

  • 2012 Olympic Games
  • Advised over 1000 food establishments
  • 8 Countries
  • Trained 100s of food handlers in food safety
  • Started work life in McDonalds aged 16.

  • Supported studies, travel, an obsession with scuba diving and work in conservation by working in hospitality in 50 different food establishments (hotels, bars, cocktail bars, nightclubs, restaurants, conferences, banquets, silver service, diners, events, festivals).

Save The World Attitude

Work in conservation, spotting dolphins, tagging stingrays, tagging possums, mammal surveys.

Australia Zoo volunteer

PADI dive master, coral reef & beach clean ups,

Advanced rescue and remote working skills, advance driving skills, oxygen administration, first aid, self-rescue, Australia skippers licence.

Eco -tourism, spotting whales, turtles, seals and dolphins.

Ran a marathon for WWF,

BTCV forest restoration,

Community recycling day,

Food waste charity

Community restaurants

Homeless shelter

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