Training courses are to be arranged on client premises. Duration 1-3 days depending on level.
Heather Landex is an experienced Food Safety trainer and formerly a CIEH and HABC accredited trainer.
Trainings are no longer legally required to be accredited. Rather these courses are customised to focus on enhancing business, profits and customer experience but contain the same science/compliance content as the aforementioned accreditations.

Food Safety for food handlers

  • Covers the law
  • What is food poisoning
  • Preventing food poisoning
  • Principles of food safety
  • Hazards
  • Prerequisites
  • HACCP – critical controls
  • Food Safety Management System
  • Add on – Implementation training.

Food Safety For Supervisors and Managers

  • The law
  • How to supervise food handlers
  • Managing the Food Safety Management System
  • Microbiology
  • Understanding HACCP = control of hazards
  • Managing prerequisites/policy
  • Standards Creation, Audit, Review and Implementation
  • Training food handlers

Allergy Awareness

  • What is an allergy?
  • What is an allergen?
  • Consequences of an allergy/anaphylaxsis?
  • What is an intolerance?
  • What does the law say?
  • Responsibilities and handling of allergens – cross contact.
  • Labelling
  • Allergy/Ingredients lists
  • Communication
  • Critical points

Allergy Management

  • Managers role and responsibilities
  • Procedures and communication BoH
  • Practical controls
  • Allergen management system
  • Procedures and communication FoH
  • Branding/menu optimisation

Food Safety Culture

  • What is food safety culture
  • Beyond the legal requirements
  • Why care about hygiene
  • Consequences of a poor food safety culture
  • Benefits of a strong safety culture
  • Branding

Dietary Preferences

  • What is a dietary preference?
  • How many people have a preference?
  • Cost of neglecting dietary preferences
  • Benefits of serving customers with dietary preferences
  • How to appeal to dietary preferences
  • Customer service as dietary preferences
  • Menu optimisation
  • Branding, marketing and communication
*All trainings are led by Heather Landex , an experienced Food Safety trainer and formerly CIEH and HABC accredited trainer.

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