“I have known Heather since we worked at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Heather proved to be a dependable team member, a hard worker and an ingenious Food Safety Officer.
I was impressed with Heather’s ability to complete all tasks on time, always thorough with an eye for detail. Overall, Heather is a very conscientious, friendly, passionate and committed Food Safety professional.”

Tobenna Okoye

Safety and Hygiene Manager
Aramark 2012
“Heather was so kind to let me join the food hygiene training she was facilitating. I must say the training definitely exceeded my expectation as she tackled the somewhat dull and technical topic in a light and fun way, yet making sure we actually understood. I definitely felt more confident after the training and especially grateful for answering all my detailed questions of the hygiene requirements for the kind of an organisation I am part of! Thank you a lot, Heather – definitely recommended! ?”

Kristina Krutop

Foodsharing Copenhagen,
Head of Collection, Board Member
“Heather taught courses both on and off site, organising and presenting accredited training. She had to coordinate to fit client requirements and expectations. She was able to engage with candidates and achieved very good results. Heather successfully audited clients, investigated food poisoning allegations and advised, liaising with complainant, client and suppliers which involved considerable interpersonal skills. She adapted and further developed food safety and health and safety documentation specific to clients stretching across England.
Heather was able to engage with candidates and achieved very good results.”

Colin Hamer

Food Hygiene Solutions Ltd, Kent UK
“I’ve worked with Heather in Turkey inspecting hotels (on behalf of Tour Operators). She is attentive to clients and has that unique knack for interacting in both a positive and instructive manner.
She’s committed to quality, growth, and progress, and she inspires others to strive for the same. In short, Heather is a person with vision.”

Adonis Kashioulis

Argent Risk Management Solutions Ltd
“I’ve had the pleasure to work briefly and closely with Heather, where she was a guest speaker to our Hotel Management students, during our Industrial Kitchen hygiene lessons.
She was very well-prepared, informative and efficient. Yet at the same time, she was charming, fun, and eager to answer any questions brought forth by the students. Heather is highly recommendable!!”

Mhairi Galloway

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College
“Heather is extremely capable in understanding and investigating problems and developing solutions. She has a natural ability to work with regulators, industry and the public.”

Dave Bass

Environmental Protection Officer
Huntingdonshire District Council
“Heather has helped One Bowl volunteers with consistent hygiene training and food safety management. She has developed a custom online training specifically for One Bowl’s volunteer structure. She’s been friendly and sharing a great deal of expertise at the same time.”

Allwin Jebahar

Owner – One Bowl

Mustafa Yilmaz

Owner at DGK Store
Denmark 2019

Irene De Lauro

Food Safety responsible, OwnBowl
Frederiksberg Denmark 2019

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