A 360° Approach to Food Safety | A series of Professional Programs

From Compliance to Marketing


  • Food Safety Assessment – independent physical audits of kitchen, FOH, storage (refrigerators, dry stores, freezers), assess staff knowledge and competencies. Check you business’ current status is compliant, safe and receive recommendations for improvement. Report and action plan.
  • All start up documentation or enhancement of current documentation (HACCP and FSMS) to match and be adaptable to current and future needs..
  • Custom food safety training – foundation for all staff, supervisor/manager training to suit needs. Enhanced and customised training based on a foundation of food safety training.
  • Food safety implementation – practical in store training with supervisors, what the theory looks like in practice.
  • Food Safety Training manual – the how to do it safely “bible” for future on boarding of new staff or refresher training.


  • Allergy Assessment – independent physical audit to give a current status of allergy management covering kitchen, FoH, menus, signage, assessment of staff knowledge and competence. Check your business is safe for allergy sufferers. Report, action plan and recommendations for improvement.
  • Allergy management system and allergy guide creation.
  • Allergy awareness training – for all staff members.
  • Custom online courses to assist continuous training of staff in allergy awareness and food safety.
  • Food safety culture training to motivate and inspire staff to care and to meet higher standards and competence.


  • Allergy/Food Safety Communication – how to communicate with customers with dietary preferences, most efficiently and effectively
  • Menu optimisation – maintain concept whilst communicating allergy/food safety capabilities.
  • Dietary preference marketing – demonstration of free marketing channels.
  • 1:1 Owner/management coaching – custom training to match need, supervisors and above.
  • Independent physical dynamic assessment (FS, allergy & communication) action plan.
  • Mystery shopper / customer confidence evaluation (physical audits and report of food safety, allergy and communication consumer perspective)
  • Continuing reviews

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